The Stanley Gene Foundation
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Our Work - What We Do

The Stanley Gene Foundation emerged from charitable work already being undertaken on a personal basis by the founder, Stanley Gene. Examples of such projects include:

Our aim moving forward is to continue and build on Stan's good work to date. We aim to send 3-4 containers to Papua New Guinea every year, filled to the brim with school uniforms, everyday clothes, school books, computers, stationary, blankets, shoes, first aid boxes, sports equipment and furniture.

Stanley Gene

Stan will join the container in Papua New Guinea and distribute this himself, this way; we know it is going to the right places and people.

We rely on the generosity of the public and local businesses to help fill the container. We have various drop-off points where you can leave donations, and dates when these are open to take supplies, shall be on our Latest News section, our twitter and facebook pages. Who would have thought, from the jungle to twitter?

Long term, our aim is to build and set up a sports academy. The academy shall hopefully be a feeder into Rugby League clubs in the UK and Australia – our aim? To find the next Stanley Gene!

We will need building supplies, workers, architects and vast amounts of help financially and physically. We shall keep you informed of these developments.

If you think you can help in any way, please get in touch.