The Stanley Gene Foundation
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Welcome to The Stanley Gene Foundation

The Stanley Gene Foundation is committed to reaching the unreachable communities of Papua New Guinea and educating young Papua New Guineans, in order to give them the tools to make a better future for themselves.

For those communities fortunate enough to have educational facilities, more often than not, they are limited to just a classroom, blackboard and a teacher – no furniture, books, pens, pencils or paper, and an out-dated, recycled computer would be an unimaginable luxury.

However the few children lucky enough to have access to even such basic items as a teacher and a blackboard walk miles every day through forests and along mountain roads because they want to learn, even though they know they will have to sit for hours on the floor of the mud hut which passes as a classroom.

We want to address these issues at their root, and provide classrooms which will keep the children of Papua New Guinea learning for as long as possible, and provide them with the key tools of the English language and computer skills.

The Stanley Gene Foundation

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